Kitchen with long mirror

How to make your home more attractive to buyers

Mirrors are one of the most versatile and easy to use decorative items that are significantly underused in our opinion. Far more than a feature hung above a fireplace, a mirror can be used in hundreds of different ways to bring light and interest to a room and they lend themselves to any interior design. From studio apartments to grand estates, every home can benefit from the use of mirrors, so why not read our top five most unusual ideas for using mirrors as decoration in your home.

First impressions count

The old sayings are often the wisest, and the entrance to your home is incredibly important as buyers will often quickly discount a property simply by glancing at your front door. Ensure that your path or driveway is tidy, free of leaves and clutter and your front door is clean with a working door bell. If you have a wooden door, fencing or railings that are looking a little tired, then freshen them up with a lick of varnish or paint to create a clean, inviting entrance to your home.

Smell the coffee

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Once you have drawn someone in to view your property, why not welcome them with the delicious smell of freshly ground coffee? According to nationwide surveys, there is nothing more homely than the smell of coffee brewing, but if coffee is not your thing, then opt for gently scented fresh flowers such as roses or lilies to offer your guests a pleasing aroma and beautiful welcome upon entering your home.

Making space

In any home there will inevitably be some cluttered areas so it is worth taking the time to organise your belongings and streamline them in good time ahead of your prospective buyers visit. If you live in a home that is particularly small then you can make good use of the available space with clever built-in storage and also use strategically placed mirrors to create the illusion of a larger room. A mirror hung above a fireplace can provide a focal feature whilst effectively reflecting the opposite wall or window to suggest the continuation of a room. Mirrors are also perfect for darker spaces as they reflect light back in to a room and so are a pretty yet practical addition to hallways and landings in period properties.

Let there be light

Whether you are currently living in a flat on the fourth floor or in a five bedroomed detached house, lighting is of great importance to your prospective buyers, and not least of all because they will want to see what they are looking to buy! Adequate lighting starts at your front door, so why not invest in some solar powered path lights to illuminate their walk to your home. Ensure that every room is fully lit, with additional lower watt lamps to provide soft, ambient lighting as necessary.