Wardrobe with mirrored doors

Ditch the baubles and decorate your house with mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most versatile and easy to use decorative items that are significantly underused in our opinion. Far more than a feature hung above a fireplace, a mirror can be used in hundreds of different ways to bring light and interest to a room and they lend themselves to any interior design. From studio apartments to grand estates, every home can benefit from the use of mirrors, so why not read our top five most unusual ideas for using mirrors as decoration in your home.

Changing rooms

If you are getting bored with your living areas but don’t have a big enough budget to refit kitchens or replace furniture, then why not get creative and upcycle your existing furnishings with mirror panels? Kitchen cabinet doors can be easily fitted with adhesive mirrored glass to provide a brand new high shine look that will reflect light back into the room, or why not add glass panels to your wardrobe doors to free up floor space taken up by a free-standing mirror?

Get the layered look

Large ornate mirrors are stunning when hung above a fireplace and they beautifully reflect the soft lighting in the room to create a warm, inviting ambience. However if you want to create a real statement in your living space why not prop a beautiful empty gilded frame against the mirror to add interest and really draw the eye in to the heart of your room.

Show me the money

If you have some heirlooms, pieces of art or ornaments that have great sentimental value that you want guests in your house to see, then why not give them pride of place on a table in front of an oversized vintage mirror? The decorative edging will frame your items perfectly while the mirror glass will reflect their image around the room making each item truly unmissable.

Deck the halls

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Rather than boughs of holly this season, why not opt for a large collection of mismatched ornate mirrors grouped together right across your hallway wall? Multiple mirrors are sure to attract admiring glances from all your guests as they enter your home and the stunning effect of the mirror glass will bring light into even the darkest of hallways in the winter months.

A night on the tiles

If you love entertaining and regularly hold dinner parties and soirees then why not invest in some mirrored wall tiles to create a feature wall? The mirrored tiles are incredibly easy to apply and they instantly add a touch of old school glamour to any room, form kitchens and dining rooms to bars and lounges. You can apply the tiles in a uniform manner to build a full mirrored wall or in a bespoke pattern to create an eye catching art feature that will reflect the room’s activities as your guests’ party the night away.